Embroidery Mentorship

 FALL 2018

October 1 - November 30, 2018

BEFORE you register for this program, please request an Information Packet!  You may request a packet to on Facebook Messenger, by text request 570.733.4300 [please include your email address] or by email: kandia@kandiahaynesworth.com [SUBJECT:  FALL 2018 PROGRAM]

You will be issued a control # when your packet is emailed to you. You will NOT be able to register for this program without a control #.   If you submit payment, your payment will NOT be processed without a control # attached to your order request.


What do you get from Embroidery Mentorship with Kandia Haynesworth Designs?

Guidance and support provided to the Home Based Embroidery Business Entrepreneur seeking assistance in getting their company on the right path for growth.  This one on one mentorship allows students to endure undivided attention by Kandia Haynesworth, a seasoned and successful Embroidery Entrepreneur - known for her creations of beautiful baby ensembles and YouTube Tutorial Videos.  

What's Included:

  • Welcome Packet Binder
  • Embroidery Blanks [Configured In Kits]
  • Embroidery Supplies [Configured In Kits]
  • Embroidery Font Set Designed SPECIFICALLY for Kandia Haynesworth Designs, LLC., created by the #1 rated embroidery fonts designer online!
  • Weekly Telephone Consultation [1 Call Per Week For 6 Weeks]
  • After Completion of Course [2 Follow-Up Consultations within 30 Days

Who can enroll in the Embroidery Mentoring Program for Home-Based Business Owners?  

Sorry, Not Everyone!   A telephone interview must be conducted for an assessment to determine if you are a good candidate for this program.  Your success is my success and if I don't think I can help you, your request will be DECLINED.


How is the program developed for students?

This is an ACCELERATED COURSE conducted over 6 weeks! Students are with a welcome packet which includes, program lessons, materials, supplies and embroidery designs to ensure you are prepared from the start!  Each week student will complete each phase and consult with Kandia Haynesworth by telephone to answer your questions or to receive further instruction/assistance.

This program is developed around the idea of helping students get started quickly and properly!  


What forms of communication occurs between the mentoring student and Kandia Haynesworth? 

Communication occurs by telephone, email, text, private message on social medias and in some cases face to face.   Enrolled students are provided with a private number for telephone consultations...


What can a new student get assistance with?  

1. Plan development for new goals, ideas and projects.

2. Strategizing sales and identifying trends.

3. Form development for orders.

4. Policies development.

5. Price development for embroidered goods sold at your company.

6. Promoting and Marketing strategies.

7.  Video Demonstrations.  [Additional Fee]

8. Video Tutorial/Video Topic Requests [Additional Fee]

9. Social Media Presence development.  [Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Etsy, etc.]

10. Telephone Support. [1 Call Per Week/Plan Can Be Purchased]

11. Time Management assistance.  [Optional - Additional Fee]

12. Project Planning assistance.

13. Organization assistance.            [Optional - Additional Fee]

14. Role playing - developing customer service skills for confidence, pricing, policies and sales leading [leading customers to options and committing to sale].