Telephone Consultations For Embroidery Business Owners [ONLY]

Got Questions?

As an embroidery business owners, you will stumble into obstacles and challenges!

Sometimes, you'll need to bounce an idea off of another experienced embroidery business owner.  Or there may be times when you'll run into a problem and need someone to help you come up with a resolution.

When trying to figure out pricing, policies, embroidery contracts and other related embroidery business topics, such as promotion and marketing...

Call Kandia Haynesworth, one of the leading experts in the embroidery industry!


  • Telephone consultations range from 10 minutes - 30 minutes duration.  
  • Telephone consultations are recorded and sent to you via text message for you to use as reference later on.[Perfect, in case you forget what I've said!]
  • Telephone consultations can be ordered in multiple ways:  online, via text message: 570.733.4300 or by email:

Decide how you would like to reach out to me! In many cases, telephone consultations can be arranged on the same day with no extra charges applied.  The BEST way to contact me is by text message.  You may also call me at my studio or send me a message on Facebook Messenger to inquire, the next available time and date for telephone consultation.

When send a request to order a telephone consultation, please include the time and date you'd prefer, as well as a briefing of what your questions may cover.  

On average, one question is addressed in 10 minutes or less. More than one question usually will lead into 20 minutes or less.  30 minute consultations, should be reserved for multiple questions.

I recommend, you write down questions if it is more than 1.  You'll be surprised how quickly you can forget, what you'd wanted to ask!

Telephone Consultation Prices:

  • 10 Minutes = $15.00
  • 20 Minutes = $25.00
  • 30 Minutes = $35.00

There are multiple ways to place an order!


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You will be transferred to ordering page.

Same Day Consultations CANNOT be ordered online.



Call or text 570.733.4300 to request a telephone consultation.  Inquire if same day consultations are available!

After you've communicated with me and a telephone consultation have been arranged, I will send you a PayPal Invoice to submit payment.  Requests for same day telephone consultations must be paid immediately.  Otherwise, your request will be canceled within 2 hours. 



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My name on Facebook is Kandia Haynesworth.

My business page on Facebook is

You may request a telephone consultation by sending a message via Facebook Messenger, to either mailbox.  Inquire, if same day telephone consultations are available.

After we've communicated and a telephone consultation has been arranged, you will be sent an invoice via PayPal.  For same day telephone consultations, payment must be submitted immediately to avoid cancellation within 2 hours.


Contact me by email!

You can request a telephone consultation via email.  Send your request to:

In the subject area, please type TELEPHONE CONSULTATION, this will give you priority over other emails answered.  However, please be patient!  I receive lots of emails daily and each day there is a different time when emails are responded to.  THIS IS NOT THE BEST OPTION FOR SAME DAY TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS!

After we've made contact via email, you will receive an invoice through PayPal or my studio's internal system. The billing email address for both payment gateways is  


Sooo, we are clear... here's what you can expect when you reach out to me for telephone consultation:

  • For Telephone Inquiries: You can expect for requests made by telephone to be analyzed quickly and end promptly.  This means, please do not expect your questions to be answered BEFORE you've submitted payment. The conversation will be cut short and the call will end if you are not prepared to submit your email address, and time and day requested for a telephone consultation.  I will ask you what is the subject of your telephone consultation, but I will not begin to answer questions.  Please understand, unpaid time spent on the telephone means I am not providing services of some kind for paid services.


  • You can expect an invoice to be sent within the time frame stated during communication.  This time frame can vary depending on the projects and location, I may be in at the current time.


  • You can expect my opinions to be based on knowledge of industry and my experience. These may not reflect yours.  You may not agree with my opinion.  This will not entitle you to a refund.  


  • You can expect for my answers to your questions, to be direct and upfront. Telephone consultations may not be for everyone!  Some may deem my responses are snarky or raw... If you are a sensitive person, my services may not be for you. However, never will I be disrespectful nor insensitive to your questions regarding your situation.


Telephone Consultations are provided 7 days a week, throughout the day!

Each day, slots are set aside for telephone consultations.  Time slots are not consistent due to work order schedule, local deliveries, in-studio consultations, etc.

Consultations are provided, Sunday - Saturday from 9a - 9p. est.