The Side Block Gang [SBG] chose Kandia Haynesworth Designs to make promotional products for their company that would reflect their image on everyday use products and garments.  


WATCH DEMO of Tee Shirt On YouTube!




When clients chose us to make these promo products such as tees, umbrellas, mugs, slippers, cosmetic cases, etc. full rights are retained by you to sell your products and earn full profit! 

Got an idea, simply call or text Kandia Haynesworth at 570.733.4300 to discuss your idea or send your logo to kandia@kandiahaynesworth.com or by text message.  Explain what you would like to do and include any other information such as event dates, due dates or deadlines.  Someone will contact you [within 3 hours or sooner] regarding your inquiry.


To turn your logo into a cutting file so we can put on tee shirts, mugs, totes, etc. , the cost is $105.00. It includes vectorizing your image, a sample tee shirt and your file sent to you via email.


If you want your logo cheaper, it will be turned into a cutting file along with a sample and issued to you without a copy of the file being sent via email.





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