Order Status & Tracking

Check The Status Of Your Order

After you place your order online or by telephone, you can get an update regarding your order status 24/7.  You will be able to obtain information such as its progression (if we have started your order or how far along we are), notes to you (if you should call us), and tracking information.

To Check The Status Of Your Order:

  1. Have your Order Confirmation available.
  2. Have your email address that you used for this order available. 


If you are unable to view updated details - sent a complaint ticket to our upper level support team.  These tickets are handed to Kandia and monitored closer.  To start the process, click below...

To file a complaint:

Make sure you have your order number handy because you must include the following code to it: COMP #00001 .

Enter the email address used when you purchased your products, along with your order number, to view your order details.

Forgot your order number?