Inside Our Studio

"My Happy Place, Can Be Your Happy Place!"


I operate my embroidery business and teach sewing lessons from my home based studio!

It is set-up like an art classroom, where its loaded with craft supplies, sewing machines, tools and fabrics. Plus, everything is organized and neatly store in their assigned spaces.


Students have easy access to what they need and there's more than enough for everyone!

          The Tool Cart


The Iron Cart

 The Trim Station is loaded with ribbons, trims, laces and embellishments for projects. 

Students can easily slide baskets in out of slots to carry over the work table or simply grab what they need!

Remember, supplies, materials and sewing machines rentals are included in the cost of the class!

A basket of lace and trims...

The Student's Sewing Area 


 There's also plenty room to cut fabrics on the 84" long table!