Who's Kandia Haynesworth?


                      Hi, I'm Kandia of Kandia Haynesworth Designs!  

I own and operate my personalization from my home.  I specialize in custom made baby ensembles.  With unique product contents purchased from all over the United States, my baby ensembles makes the customer look like a superstar at baby shower events!

Plus,  wide variety of options for baby gifts, NO budget is too low!

Recently my company expanded from embroidery into heat transfer vinyl products.  This means more personalization opportunities for new business owners or individuals interested in developing their brand. We have a series of new equipment that enables us to put your name or logo on items such as mugs, umbrellas, plates, jewelry boxes and more!  You may also order custom tees as well and the best part is there's


Wanna know what's going on with sewing lessons?

Sewing lessons are no longer provided in the studio. However, booking appointments for sewing parties are available!  Please call or text my studio at 570.733.4300 to inquire. 


Where else can Kandia be found?

On Facebook in a private group  called, Embroidery Boss. I am the president of this group filled with business owners and hobbyist on all levels.    

   With over 13,000 members learning new strategies, getting advice, giving advice and having a friend available 24/7 is guaranteed! 

It is a very pleasant group!


You can also find me on YouTube and Instagram! 

Both pages are called: Kandia Haynesworth

Crafters, Sewists, Embroidery Enthusiasts  and Tee Shirt lovers, will enjoy the variety of tutorials my channel is compiled of! 

Click below to be go to my YouTube channel! Don't forget to subscribe! 

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          I'd like to thank you for visiting my website and looking at my work. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at kandia@kandiahaynesworth.com or call or text me at 570-733-4300.



Kandia Haynesworth